Zobayda Motors International Saudi Holding Company

Zobayda Motors family is proud to join the Saudi market through our headquarters in Riyadh. Where we seek to be around and ready to serve the Saudi markets with all our experience and global knowledge. In addition to promoting development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Our Pillars:
1- Youth Empowerment
Young people are the foundation and pillar of society. At Zobayda Motors, we believe that investing in youth and the energies of youth is a vital part of building a strong and civilized society. Accordingly, we proudly offer our contribution and social responsibility in solidarity with Vision 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To become one of the important pillars of development and civilization in the Kingdom.
2 - community support
We seek to be one of the building stones in Saudi Arabia and the Arab and Islamic nations by utilizing our economic strength, expertise, and skills in the agricultural and industrial fields.
3-Achieving renaissance and sustainable development
We aspire to provide continuous support to the economy of Saudi Arabia and enhance agricultural and industrial development. Aiming to reach a high level of living conditions for all society members. a Comfortable Life.


Our Vision

We aspire to be the first and ideal investment destination in fields of trading, Manufacturing Industries, and Agriculture on a regional and global level.


Our Goals

To be the first and best investment choice for our clients in the field of Agriculture, Food Security, and Manufacturing Industries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Our Mission

To achieve excellence in promoting development efforts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by harnessing all our capabilities to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, With a commitment to the best and highest standards of quality and the use of the best competencies and local and international expertise.


Our Values

Authenticity \ Responsibility \ Professionalism \ Transparency \ Respect \ Integrity We are proud of our work ethics and values that drive us to prosper and succeed.

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